Sep 9, 2021

One of the most common things with the patriots of faith was the practice of fellowship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This placed them a class apart in their generations and enabled them to produce extraordinary results.

Before Enoch, Abel was the first to reveal to us the practice of fellowship with God. He built an altar and offered the best he had on it.

An altar is a platform where Man and God meet in fellowship. It is a place where humanity and divinity come together for exchange. What is in God finds way into man causing him to manifest dimensions of God on the earth.

It is from the place of fellowship that Adam and Eve got strength to dominate creation.

Whenever God and Adam had fellowship, man mingled with God and all creation submitted to Adam because it saw God instead of Adam.

Our strength, wisdom, power, and relevance are found in no other place but the place of fellowship.

The shadow of the Almighty is only found in the dimension of fellowship with the Trinity.

Enoch was so in oneness with God that God took him.

Walking means fellowship, being in sync, harmony, talking, and acting like God. Our relevance and ability to reveal the Father on the earth is only found in oneness with God.

God’s desire became Noah’s desire. He became God’s representative. God desired, felt, thought, and worked through him so he became a walking god on the earth.

When you walk with God, when you arrive in a place, God arrives.

Fellowship is more than praying, fasting, crying out for needs, and pulling down strongholds. It is a place of heart-to-heart communion with the Father.

Isaiah accepted to go back to that place of fellowship, where God’s desires and thoughts would become His desires and thoughts.

We can’t walk with God when our thoughts are not in alignment with His thoughts.

If Enoch walked with God, then you too can walk with God. You can get to a point where people find God in you because you are now one with Him. This is the realm of the church of the last days.

People will no longer look at Prophets, Teachers, Apostles, etc but will see God in you.

The glory of God was on the face of Moses because he fellowshipped with the Lord. He was able to deliver an entire nation because he knew the place of fellowship.

Though Elijah was on earth, he knew he was standing before God. There are men standing here on the earth yet in the presence of God because they walk constantly in fellowship with Him.

God himself testified of David, as a man obsessed with His will, not his desires.

Let’s dig those wells that were dug by the patriots of faith in the place of fellowship, walk, and surrender to the Lord.