Encountering Jesus with the next generation.

#Driven by Love

Every sunday 7:30am & 10:30am

Weekly Devotion

The Wise and Foolish Builder

This week, we are focusing on the parable Jesus taught during his Sermon on the Mount. Our Bible text is found in Mathew 7:24-29.

Some of the main points we will think about are:

  1. The Bible is the only firm foundation for our lives.
  2. We must listen to and obey Jesus.
  3. We will have difficult times. (The same storm hit both houses).


About Us

We are believing for a generation set ablaze with love for Jesus and people, solely depend on the Holy Spirit, are grounded in the word and are not ashamed to make Jesus famous in their localities.

Our desire is for each child to grow in a personal relationship with the Lord and know their identity in Jesus and what it means to minister to the Lord. Through times of prayer, worship, the Word and fun activities we believe that each child’s life will be touched by God.

For children 3 – 11 years.


Everyone on the team, the children and families should walk into the doors, knowing that we have purpose in and with God.

It is very important for each child/teen to be greeted with joy and excitement when entering the kids/teens church. Even if a whole family walks in, greet everyone, but stop and make a specific verbal acknowledgement of the children/teenagers entering.

We use prayer and worship to create a sense of expectation before the fellowship starts because GOD will move when you create space for HIM to move. This shift in our hearts and minds will shift the atmosphere and it will attract the presence of God into the room.

Whether in a game, prayer, worship, the lesson, the activity, we ensure that the children will know that God is here and is always moving and speaking to them.

A relationship with God should not be limited to the hour that you have the children. NO! We have to give our children/teens tools to practice connecting with God in easy and effective ways at home, in the car, at school, wherever they GO.

Learning about God should not be hard or boring.
God is the root of JOY. The most naturally joyful people on the planet are children. You should not be surprised that they laugh more than adults and can enter into joy easier than adults.  So we have fun in the Lord.



Please take young children to the restroom prior to check in.


Check-in begins 5-15 minutes before the beginning of service.


Children need to be picked up 15 minutes after the completion of service.

Safety Guidelines & Procedures

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-up

Children who have a fever or other signs of illness will not be allowed into the children’s church.

Parents will remain outside the children’s church when picking up and dropping off children.

The number on your child’s name tag and the number on your parent tag will match. During check out, our leaders will ask to see your parent tag before releasing your child to you.

In the event we need to contact you during the worship experience, we’ll send you a text message to notify you. Please keep your phone on vibrate and accessible during the worship experience.

Video/Photo Notice

This is an area where photos, videos and audio of your children may be used for media purposes. This may include our website, social media and printed publications.


What Our Families are Saying

My children spoke in tongues for the first time when we came to the children’s church.

My boys now know the bible stories. Infact my first born won a prize in his school competition.

My son always looks forward to Sunday. Actually every Saturday he is demanding to be brought to church because to him if he is not at school , he goes to church.