The Archers

# An Army Helped By God


To raise men who will not rely on their canal minds in this journey of life but on God the author and perfecter of faith.

Who we are;

We are depending on the Holy Spirit to build a Godly army of men that will not put His name to shame. An army that will hold onto His Word and His promises no matter what it takes.

The Arrow

This represents the things that are not of God that as men, we hold onto so dearly like pride and self. The only way we will be vessels of honor and usable in God’s hands is by submitting to Him and releasing these arrows of pride, bitterness, anger, lies, etc.

So as Archers, we resolve to fully submit to God and let go of every dirt/filth, allowing him to do his great work in us and through us.

The Bow

The journey of life is not a smooth path; it will hit us with shots/arrows of hostility, some from the camp of the enemy others from self. Our bows need to be steady and strong in the strength the mighty Rock of Israel who is on our side for the battle is His.(2 Chronicles 20:15)

Like Joseph in Genesis 49, we resolve not to boast in ourselves but in the Great I AM who will model us into fruitful vines.


Our theme chapters are Genesis 27 and Genesis 49 and 2 Chronicles 20

In Genesis chapter 27 we see Jacob’s deception which ended with Esau losing out on his father’s blessing. Something to note here is that Jacob was more worried about being caught than telling a lie. And like Jacob as men, life hits us with many challenges and often times we close in, live in denial or live a lie; a life where we think it’s okay to sin so long we are not caught. This tends to make one less concerned about living right with God and forget that He is watching us.

In Genesis 27, Jacobs Mum Rebecca forgot about the promise that God made to her in Genesis chapter 25:23 where he pronounced a blessing upon Jacob while in her womb. Given her disbelief, she concluded Esau would stand in the way of Jacob’s blessings and teamed up her last son against the elder brother. So disbelief in God and His Word can lead us to viewing our brothers/sisters as rivals.


Proverbs 11:14 tells us, “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.Proverbs 15:22 “Without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they are established and succeed.” 

Meet our team of counselors!


As men, we are created to be the source and sustainers; the underpinnings not only for our homes but also in the church, community and nations.This makes us responsible for everything. What other way to do this but to start on our knees to see the change that will last for generations.

Man, come let us pray!



Join us to review the pictorial of the captured moments of the day at Hotel Africana on 25th March with the exception of steam bath given its sensitivity.

John 10:27 paraphrased says “my sheep hear my voice…”.

One of the ways we shall be able as Archers to build capacity of differentiating His voice from other voices is by consistently dwelling in the secret place. It’s our personal altars that will feed into this corporate altar (The Archers Fitness Altar) such that when we come together as Archers we come fired up to take marketplaces, communities, cities and nations for Christ.

So the Archers Fitness Altar comes as an encourager to keep our personal secret places burning.

Barbecue For our Wives

When we hosted our wives to a barbecue meal and taught them how to dance with us  while telling them what the Archers are about.