Marrieds’ Ministry

We believe  in marriage, a man marrying a woman so that the two become husband and wife. This is  a lifetime commitment and believe its God’s idea for marriage to stand and exist.


The Valentine’s Day dinner was beautiful! The celebration was held on the 6th floor of the Thobani building decorated with red, silver and white balloons and candles, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. The Lovebirds dressed in white with a few spots of other colours created sympathy. The table was set with elegant china and crystal glasses, making us feel like royalty. The food was delicious and perfectly cooked, with an assortment of dishes to choose from, not to mention the various juice types.
The Lovebirds were encouraged by powerful testimonies from Mr And Mrs Ivudria. How can one forget to mention the game engagements from our wonderful Mcee, Mr Segujja and Mrs Tomusange? The wonderful moment of repeating our vows brought freshness to the already warmed hearts that evening.

It was such a lovely and intimate evening, and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our love.

Thank you, Ps. Ben and the married’s ministry leadership.



We help those who have made up their minds to live together to have an understanding of marriage.

They are guided in the key fundamentals that help a marriage stand i.e. have faith in marriage, assignments in marriage, parenting, intimacy, finances, in-laws, friends, God’s purpose for marriage, seasons of marriage, work, investments and communication etc.

The marriages that we handle should stand the test of time. We believe the Holy Spirit can cause the couple to have a deeper understanding of each other. This is our source of confidence in the will of God.

Prerequisites to get married at MJF-GT

MJF-GT is licensed by the government of Uganda to conduct marriages. See below for the required;

  • National id photocopies for the intending couple and the witnesses.
  • Lab results for the following tests; STDS, sickle cells, blood group.
  • Counselling for 8 weeks. The sessions happen every Saturday, 9am-12pm.
  • Letter of consent from the bride’s parents.
  • If either one or both the intending are not members of MJF-GT, a letter from the church of fellowship.
  • The church fee is 700,000 Ugx.

Other Services

  • Pre-marital counselling.
  • Marital counselling.