Anniversary Celebrations

Church Celebrations

The days of the little beginnings

God is a God of process. Jesus despite being born to be the messiah, he waited for 30 years before he manifest. In every aspect of our lives; ministry, business, carreer, marriage we need to be patient and grow through the process. Be inspired by others but dont compete. (Luke 16:10) Ministry is an answer to the cry of the people.


The auction item was the ark of the convenant

About the reception

 This session of the celebration was packed with several items namely: lunch, book launch(Holy Spirit vol 2), an auction, launch of the partnership army,  recognition of some ministers not forgetting presentation from the MJF-GT music department,Cooper Ssali and Pastor Justine Nabbossa among others


Finger-licking lunch

We hosted about 600 adults and 200 children  for lunch. The Ugandan buffet was served, along with fresh juices, water, and assorted deserts.

Book Launch

Mrs. Ochola and Ps. Ben launched two new books;Holy Spirit You’re Welcome Sir Vol 1 and Vol 2 respectively.

The books are a simple guide to making the Holy Spirit our closest companion and reaping the benefits of doing so.

The Auction

The choice of the auction items was the replica of the ark of the convenant and a combination of personalised diary, pen and mug with Jesus Loves You message. The total collections for ark of the covenant was $1,350 and $173 for the gift personalized gift package.

MJF-GT Partnership Army Launch

The MJF-GT partnership army was launched officially. According to Luke 8:2-3, Ps Ben encouraged us to partner with the ministry to support the different commisions. The current project is the youth ministry bus. For more, please visit  the partners page.

Music guests

The day was graced with music ministrations from Ps Justine Nabbosa and Cooper Ssali.

Recognition of ministers

Ps Ben recognised some of the ministers for their diligence among others.