Nov 9, 2023

Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Our God reigns and I request you to take off the limits from Him. You can be stranded but He can never be stranded because He always knows what to do.

All His ways are just so whatever route He uses is the best for you. That is why we need to keep yielding and surrendering to Him in all our ways.

2 Chronicles 18:30-31 (AMPC) … 31 And when the captains of the chariots saw Jehoshaphat [of Judah], they said, It is the king of Israel. So they turned to fight against him, but Jehoshaphat cried out, and the Lord helped him; and God moved them to depart from him.

Trust God amidst all the challenges because our lives are in His hands, He will never leave us nor forsake us.

This man was in a fix and when he cried to God, He helped him. This is the same God you serve, trust Him with that issue.

There was nothing he could do; it only took God for him to get out of this situation.

Read 1 Kings 22:34

When God speaks a word and you shoot an arrow, prophecy grabs that arrow and locates the exact place where it is meant to hit. That is why you need to keep speaking the word in your trust journey for the words you speak are life.

As long as you are on earth problems will come your way. These challenges come not to destroy us but to reveal the God we serve.

 A good example we can learn from is of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. Where was God when they were being bound? They were harassed tortured and arrested but they trusted God to the point of being thrown into fire.

Daniel 3:21 Then these men were bound in their coats, their trousers, their turbans, and their other garments, and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace.

Jesus was there when all this was happening. this is what happens to us sometimes but we have to keep trusting in God.

Daniel 4:31-36 While the word was still in the king’s mouth, a voice fell from heaven: “King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is spoken: the kingdom has departed from you! And they shall drive you from men, and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field. They shall make you eat grass like oxen; and seven times shall pass over you, until you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses.” 33 That very hour the word was fulfilled concerning Nebuchadnezzar; he was driven from men and ate grass like oxen; his body was wet with the dew of heaven till his hair had grown like eagles’ feathers and his nails like birds’ claws…35 All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing; He does according to His will in the army of heaven And among the inhabitants of the earth. No one can restrain His hand Or say to Him, “What have You done?”… 

God can do anything for you or to you at any time. He still reigns in the kingdom of men, trust Him.

If He did it to the valiant king Nebuchadnezzar, He would do it for you because He hasn’t changed.

The God you serve is more dangerous than you think, believe Him regardless of what is going in and around you. Doubt yourself and believe God.

He has infinite ways of blessing you, do not limit Him to what you know.

Read John 11

Martha and Mary knew Jesus as a healer. They invited Him to pray for their brother Lazarus but Jesus seemed to have delayed according to them. They were disappointed because they had trust in Jesus.

Read 2 Corinthians 4:6 and John 1:5

There are two manifestations of Gods dealing with man:

  1. God can come and stop whatever is going on and give you an instant testimony.
  2. God can permit your enemies to drive you out because of what He wants to do with you.

Sometimes God will shine light into your darkness and repair it but sometimes He allows darkness to take over before He commands a new thing to take over.

So either way you cannot escape your testimony.

God loves you so much, have faith in Him for He has no limits.

 Joshua 10:11 And it happened, as they fled before Israel and were on the descent of Beth Horon, that the LORD cast down large hailstones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they died. There were more who died from the hailstones than the children of Israel killed with the sword.

Doubt your doubts and believe God. If He cast down hailstones from heaven, what can’t He do in your life?

In one night, He ended the captivity of four hundred and thirty years, derived out the Red Sea, then the Jordan and the enemies’ hearts were melting (Joshua 2:10-11)

God will use anybody or anything to bring your plan into fulfillment, Trust Him (Exodus 23:28)