The “Jesus Loves You”  schools movement left an indelible mark on the different school fraternities from east Kampala-Bweyogere on the 6th of July 2024. Over 236 souls came to Christ  Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Hallelujah!

The schools were graced with the “Jesus Loves You” movement, an event dedicated to baptising students with a fire in their souls and most importantly redefining the destinies of the young people the devil has distorted.

The devil has passed through these schools to reap the young generation using various luxuries yet toxic acts and influences.

The day was filled with captivating activities and messages, reminding whoever attended of the profound love that Jesus has for each of them.

The event kicked off with vibrant praise from students. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Some pictorial moments


The event concluded with a moving prayer service by PASTOR BEN OCHOLA. The message he shared stirred up a spirit of reflection ~LIFE IS A SERIES OF CHOICES YOU MAKE taken from Genesis 4:1-11, 3:21.

We saw countless lives delivered from the hold of demonic powers.

All the glory goes back to our Jesu Christ.



“Through faith and perseverance, our mission in Sweden has come to fruition. Witness the joy, unity, and transformation captured in these moments. Together, we’ve spread love and hope, illuminating hearts with the message of the Holy Spirit. Let these pictures be a testament to the power and love of God in action.”

Special thanks to our host Apostle Steve Churchill and Agape Church for inviting us.